Investment Strategy

At Fortec, we carefully develop a plan uniquely personalized for each property. Every project goes through an exhaustive analysis, an in-depth asset examination, and an operational control backed by our extensive experience. At Fortec, we provide high-yielding investment opportunities that focus on CASH-on-CASH returns and appreciation.
There is a continued effort to maximize the performance on our properties, our team is constantly working on leasing rental spaces, creating high-impact marketing campaigns, and developing operating strategies to maximize yield. We partner with construction and maintenance teams that never sacrifice quality while maintaining an impeccable physical.

Investment Model

Fortec identifies opportunities to develop and customize a property for a long-term tenant. We offer our investors the opportunity to partner on individual projects since each property is qualified and determined as a specific acquisition.
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Our Multi-Layered Approach to Success Quality

  • We select and partner with tenants aligned with our forward-thinking mentality.
  • Our partners are market leaders, disruptors, and constantly adapting.
  • We make a thorough analysis of our potential tenants and partners and analyze their outcomes and customer satisfaction.
  • We partner with companies with passionate leadership and employees.
  • Our partners are companies you would be proud to recommend to family and friends.


  • Our partners are essential services with stable long-term demand, we are currently focusing on early childhood education and analyzing potential new partnerships.
  • Negligible or negative net working capital, with customers often paying in advance.
  • Highly fragmented and agile industries in highly competitive industries.
  • Limited technology risk.


  • Strong real estate partnerships.
  • History of continuous and successful growth.
  • Track record of quality talent acquisition for both operational and service areas.
  • Proven unit economics.

Risk Assessment

Accurate risk assessment is a key factor when deciding which opportunity to seek. The risks involved in commercial real estate vary from tenant vacancy, lease pricing, and physical structure among others. At Fortec we seek to mitigate risk through, investing in high-growth sectors, partnering with long-term tenants that qualify as essential businesses, and identifying highly qualified properties.


Fortec uses leverage on the desired levels to increase investment returns, without adding risk to the assets when market conditions change. Our typical leverage ranges from 50% to 75% in loans and the other part is comprised of own capital and that of strategic investors.

Investment Parameters

  • Quality of assets
  • Market Analysis
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Cash Flow
  • Desired Risk Level
  • Portfolio Diversification


Fortec's compensation is based upon acting as director of the individual partnership, and our fees are aligned with the project’s performance.
Our investors will receive a preferential return on their investment, thus acting as an incentive to maximize the project’s performance.